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It’s alive!

The robot has a name: Jake. Jake stands for “Java Karel with Events”. Jake is based on Karel the robot, with an objects-first approach and some new button-based event interfaces.

Today the first prototype is complete: Jake can move, turn and bump into walls. He’s programmable in Java using the “jaketherobot” package. There are world, robot, beeper and wall classes.
So far Jake only exists as a collection of classes. The JAKE IDE is planned for development within the next couple of months.


Since I’m starting this blog at the same time as working on my honours research, I thought I’d post a little summary. Right now I’m working on objects-first programming education, particularly with Karel the Robot and other virtual worlds. Objects-first programming is all about teaching object-oriented programming from the start, rather than the “traditional” model of introducing objects on top of procedural programming.

Over the next few months, I’ll be developing a prototype tool for teaching programming with virtual robots, hopefully bridging the gap between “pure” robot worlds and standard applications programming.