About me

UPDATE: As of 2018, I’m a newly-minted computing science teacher, but I plan to keep this site on as an archive. I’m on Twitter as @mrmckaycomp.

I did postgraduate research in computing education at the University of Kent, having completed my BSc (Hons) at GCU, with a first class degree. During my degree I undertook honours research work alongside my taught studies. I enjoyed teaching and outreach placements in schools, as an undergraduate STEM ambassador (UAS). My postgrad research involved designing new interfaces for tools used in teaching programming, and a new programming language to work with those interfaces.

I was a student member of the  British Computer Society, and upgraded to MBCS after graduating. I’m a member of the BCS Interaction Specialist Group (formerly the British HCI Group). I’ve participated in Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG) and BCS-HCI conferences (my publications).

Outside work, my interests include music (playing a few instruments). I’ve also been known to play with numbers.