Countdown 2019

Quick post about numbers. Back in 2017, @aap03102 asked me if I could write a program to insert basic operators into a string of numbers, e.g.

1 + 2 – 3 + 4 ÷ 5 …

We were trying to find 10,958, which is the only ‘gap’ between 0 and 11111 if worked out this way (work of Inder Taneja - see this link). The closest we got was 1.2 + ((3/4) ^ (5 – (6 x 7 x (8/9))) = 10958.052439016.

I remembered this today when I saw 2019 countdowns, so started up the Discombobulator and Number Tokenizer (couldn’t think of a good name) and found this – plus 1930 other results (there’s a bit of overlap with redundant brackets that I couldn’t be bothered filtering out).


Anyway, download link for the program is here: discombobulator

Source code (Visual Studio project): discombob_source

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