Maths week: Makey Makey binary game

Who hasn’t wanted a Makey Makey binary number dance mat? This is a post for Maths Week Scotland 2018.There are loads of binary games on Scratch. This adds a Makey Makey dance mat and a  grounding strap. Kids generate binary numbers by jumping on the place values 8, 4, 2 and 1.

2018-09-02 19_06_45-Pre-binary game maths week FM- Scratch

I had the idea today and threw together a prototype for testing. It could be neater, but did the job! The numbers are made from aluminium foil tape. They’re connected to the up/down/left/right arrow keys on the Makey Makey. A Scratch game adds up the place values to see whether the target’s been reached. I tested it with some friends’ kids (and a ‘maths consultant’ – their dad).



UPDATE: The Scratch files are here.

There are still tweaks to make (I’m adding a countdown timer). There are some more pics below:

2018-09-02 19_07_03-Pre-binary game maths week FM- Scratch20180902_153046 20180902_171504

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