PPIG, and mini-thesis upgrade

Back in September, I was at my first PPIG conference. I gave a quick talk on my project summary at the doctoral consortium, the work-in-progress paper for which is here:

…The intended outcome of this project is the design and implementation of a new programming language with focus on improved interactions for creating and maintaining novice programs. Evaluating the HCI in current novice programming systems (Scratch, Alice, Greenfoot) has led us to propose new heuristics for these kinds of tools. Cognitive models of viscous interactions in block-based and text-based languages have also been compared. Early prototypes have been created, with some preliminary evaluations being used to refine the ideas…

McKay, F. Work-in-Progress: Design of a Beginners’ Programming Language with a Focus on Novel Interaction Techniques. Doctoral consortium, Psychology of Programming Interest Group. (York, September 6-8th). 2011. [Google Docs].

This month, I also passed the viva based on my minithesis, which includes detailed reviews of the evidence we use in support of the new heuristics, mentioned only briefly in the PPIG paper.

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