Asthma phone app

As per a post on Asthma UK, I’ve uploaded a free copy of a mobile phone app that I wrote for myself several months ago. I have fairly serious asthma, and over the last few years, I’ve had to use several different types of inhaler. Some (see below) have counters that tell you how much medicine is left, but traditional “puffer” ones don’t – I was a bit fed up with this.

The most popular, “traditional” type of reliever inhaler contains 200 doses, but has no counter on it.

Compare this to my Accuhaler, which tells me that there are 60 doses remaining (counter zoomed in to the right-hand image – that little white oval window next to the thumb rest).

As a programmer, I was surprised that there was no easy phone app to keep track of my remaining doses. So I wrote one. There are two versions: one for Java phones (if your phone can download and play Java games – most phones can); and one for newer Android phones. Unfortunately, there is no support for the iPhone – I’d have to pay Apple silly money for the┬áprivilege, and this isn’t a business.

The app itself is fairly simple, and both versions look similar and have the same functionality. When you take a dose, press (or touch, on a touch-screen phone) the appropriate button and the counter will go down. If you want to reset or edit your inhaler (as when you switch to a new, full, inhaler). The app might look slightly different on each handset, but the picture below is from a generic Android phone.

To download either version, read this.

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