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I wrote this for myself, so it’s not a commercial product. I’ve posted this after mentioning it on the Asthma UK forums, since it might be of use to some people there.The app (described here) is a simple way to keep track of how much medicine is left in your inhaler. Some inhaler designs incorporate some sort of counter, but most don’t.

Links to download are at the bottom of the page.

This isn’t a business or commercial product, and I don’t make anything from it.  I’m in no way affiliated with Asthma UK – I just happened to mention this on their forum. They do a lot of excellent public information and research work though, and I’m sure they could do with all the support they can get.There are two versions of the app: one for Java (which should run on most “normal” phones), and one for Android (“smart” phones). There is no support for iPhone or iPad. Personally, I’ve used the app on a Sony Ericsson W595 (Java) and a few HTC (Android) smartphones (Hero and HTC1s, as of Sept 2012).

For Java, download the file and send/copy it to your phone, via Bluetooth, for example. Don’t try to run it on your computer. Most phones know automatically how to install the app and where to put it. Once that’s done, you should be able to find it alongside your other games and applications. On my Sony Ericsson, for instance, it’s in my “Applications” menu. This forum thread tells you how to install a Java game/app, and the advice is similar for most phones. If you’re really stuck, post a message on this blog and I’ll try to help you.

On Android, download the file onto your phone. Run it, and the app should install automatically.

Before downloading, you must agree to the legal stuff‘s license terms.


I hope you find this useful. Feel free to leave a comment, but bear in mind that this is a free hobby project and isn’t related to my full time job.

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